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African Heritage & Wisdom * (152 items)

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by Neimark, Philip John
Price: $15.99

Written by an avid student and accomplished practitioner, this book provides an exhilarating introduction to the orisa, the powerful messenger spirits who act as our personal guardians. Through fables...

by Hausman, Gerald
Price: $25.99

The Kebra Negast is the Bible of the ancient people of Ethiopia, which incorporates the story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and depicts Jesus Christ as black. Banned in parts of the Caribbean...

by Afua
Price: $20.00

Queen Afua is a renowned Afrocentric spiritual healer and author of the classic best-seller Heal Thyself. Her new book begins by honoring the womb as the center of women's consciousness and creativ...

by Some, Sobonfu
Price: $13.99

Asked by her Dagara tribal elders to wed a man from her village she did not know, Sobonfu Som=E9 consulted the spirit of her dead grandmother and agreed to become the wife of Malidoma Som=E9, celebrat...

by Quinn, Frederick
Price: $22.95

Travelers entering the world of African saints must prepare for a wild ride! Here are male saints and female saints; living saints like Desmond Tutu and long-dead saints like Tertullian; Christian sai...

by Some, Malidoma
Price: $16.95

SomT's Of Water & the Spirit introduced readers to the Dagara, a people known throughout West Africa for their healing ability and spiritual practices. In this new book, he explains how the most impor...

by Karade, Ifa
Price: $14.95

In this introductory volume, Baba Ifa Karade provides an easily understandable overview of the Yoruba religion. He describes 16 orisha and shows us how to work with divination, to use the chakras to i...

by Mutwa, Vusamuzulu Credo
Price: $16.95

In this rare window into Zulu mysticism, the author breaks the bonds of traditional silence to share his experiences as a sangoma - a Zulu shaman. Against the backdrop of post-colonial South Africa, h...

by Campbell, Susan Schuster
Price: $16.95

Telling the stories of some remarkable people from the African healing tradition, this book exposes readers to holistic and shamanistic ways of relating to our world. It challenges us to integrate the...

by Campbell, Susan Schuster
Price: $11.95

Spirit of the Ancestors: Lessons from Africa explores modern problems using a beautifully simple window to our inner truths. Westerners who have never traveled to Africa, or in some cases had no parti...

by Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene
Price: $14.95

Contents include: what is Santeria? the legend; rituals and ceremonies, magical practices, natural magic, the seven African powers, black magic, magic spells.

by Canizares, Raul
Price: $6.95

"Yoruba theology teaches that there are 401 powers of the right ("angels") called Orisha whose role is to act as protectors and facilitators of humankind. There are also 201 powers of the left called ...

by Canizares, Raul
Price: $6.95

Oshun is the deity of river waters and is also seen as the embodiment of love and sexuality. She represents the joy of life and is, in many ways, what makes life worth living. Oshun is the patron of g...

by Dismukes, Gwynelle
Price: $7.95

Kwanzaa has become a respected international holiday, celebrated by over 17 million people worldwide. Yet the real value of the Seven Principles (Nguzo Saba) of Kwanzaa lies in their potential to guid...

by Dover Book Editors
Price: $14.95

This collection of 240 bold designs is perfect for adding an exotic flavor to a variety of projects. The African Designs CD-ROM & Book features authentic African artwork, adapted from motifs on textil...

by Baldick, Julian
Price: $19.95

In this provocative book, the author sifts through the work of a multi-disciplinary array of scholars to present the first comparative study of the traditional religions of northern africa and arabia,...

by Dover Book Editors
Price: $14.95

by Some, Malidoma
Price: $17.00

by Some, Malidoma
Price: $14.00

by Tutu, Desmond
Price: $9.95

"Prayer, our conversation with God, needs no set formulas or flowery phrases. It often needs no words at all. But for most believers, the words of others can be a wonderful aid to devotion, especially...

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