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Alchemy (172 items)

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by Carter, Frederick
Price: $24.95

Carter is often seen by occultists as little more than an acquaintance of Austin Spare with whom he co-edited Form Magazine, co-wrote the essay Automatic Drawing, and who also wrote the introduction t...

by Hauck, Dennis William
Price: $16.95

Ostensibly concerned with turning base metals into gold, the medieval alchemists were in fact dedicated to transforming self into spirit. The author traces alche-my's sources back to ancient Egypt. Tr...

by Albertus
Price: $16.95

The Alchemist's Handbook is a major contribution to the study of alchemy. What was formerly handed down under oath of secrecy is presented here in a clear, concise, practical working manual for the si...

by Zain, C C
Price: $16.95

The ancient alchemist sought transmutation and Self- Conscious Immortality. For the soul to be immortal it must build for itself an imperishable spiritual body in which it can function after the ...

by Fulcanelli
Price: $23.95

In 1920 a student of alchemy was studying under Fulcanelli, an alchemist master whose real name, to this day, is unknown. Fulcanelli handed his pupil a manuscript, charged him with the task of publis...

by Godwin, Joscelyn
Price: $21.95

ROBERT FLUDD was one of the last of the true `Renaissance men` who took all learning as their preserve and tried to encompass the whole of human knowledge. Born in Elizabethan England, he became ...

by Price, John Randolph
Price: $8.95

The author of The Abundance Book and other best-sellers brings us the ancient science of Dynamic Alchemy. Rather than changing lead into gold, this step-by-step process focuses on creating a new world...

by Cavalli, Thom F
Price: $19.95

Dr. Cavalli explains how alchemy was one of humankind's earliest efforts to transform the nature of consciousness. He goes directly to the source of these practices, and offers readers an array of ...

by Helmond, John
Price: $19.95

For centuries, alchemy has fascinated the Western mind. Who were the alchemists? Were they scientists, mystics, or both? What were they really seeking? And what was the secret of the Philosophers` Sto...

by Crockett, Arthur & Beckley, T
Price: $21.95

COUNT SAINT GERMAIN IS THE MOST MYSTERIOUS MAN WHO HAS EVER LIVED!Would you like to lead a happy, healthy an prosperous life of well over 200 years? Would you like to be able to become rich beyond yo...

by Weidner, Jay & Bridges, V
Price: $22.95

Based on the work of the enigmatic twentieth century alchemist Fulcanelli, the authors show how the greatest alchemical secret is that of time itself, and that coded into an obscure monument - the cro...

by Craven, J B
Price: $16.95

by Sandbach, John
Price: $5.95

by Koch, Rudolf
Price: $9.95

by Holmyard, E J
Price: $14.95

by Thompson, C J S
Price: $13.95

by Jung, C
Price: $35.00

by Jung, C
Price: $37.50

by Jung, C
Price: $45.00

by Aromatico, Andrea
Price: $12.95

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