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Architecture & Spirit (55 items)

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by Ovason, David
Price: $15.99

Why are over 30 zodiacs incorporated into the architecture of Washington DC? Most of the architects who designed Washington were Freemasons. From the Federal Triangle to the halls of Congress, Masonic...

by deLubicz, R A Schwaller
Price: $12.95

Study of sacred Egyptian architecture as the symbol of the perfected individual.

by Baker, Ian & Laird, Thomas
Price: $65.00

by Strachan, Gordon
Price: $30.00

by Bamford, Christopher
Price: $18.95

by Magee, Vishu
Price: $24.95

by Doczi, Gyorgy
Price: $29.95

by Mann, A T
Price: $17.95

by Michell, John
Price: $12.95

The new revelation is that the Old City of Jerusalem can be seen as one large temple, the original Temple of King Solomon. Michell uses street maps of the Old City, legends of the temple's original me...

by Mann, A T
Price: $35.00

by Hodapp, Christopher
Price: $12.95

by Westwell, Ian
Price: $19.99

by Butler, Alan & Ritchie, John
Price: $29.95

by Kahn, Louis I & Lobell, John
Price: $18.95

by Kramrisch, Stella & Burner, Raymond
Price: $98.95

by Hodapp, Christopher
Price: $14.95

by Stoner, Tom & Rapp, Carolyn
Price: $30.00

by Ball, Philip
Price: $27.95

by Spawforth, Tony
Price: $40.00

by Cowen, Painton
Price: $85.00

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