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Astrology: Chart Erecting (34 items)

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by Babbo, Amedeo
Price: $12.99

This ancient Egyptian method of calculation gives an easily calculated Kabbalistic Natal Horoscope, revealing the actual names of the Angels, Intelligences, Genii, and beings present at the time of bi...

by Paterson, Helena
Price: $24.95

Cast detailed lunar horoscopes for yourself, your family and friends with the Celtic Moon Sign Kit, a fun, easy-to-use kit that makes Celtic lunar astrology accessible to everyone. Draw up amazingly c...

by Clement, Stephanie Jean
Price: $21.95

This software set by Stephanie Jean Clement includes a CD-ROM that calculates and interprets birth charts for you. With this book and CD-ROM, Clement guides you through the basics of chart interpretat...

by George, Llewellyn
Price: $24.95

New A to Z Horoscope Maker and InterpreterFor nearly 100 years, astrologers the world over have trusted the A to Z as their primary textbook and reference for all facets of astrology. Now this classic...

by Jayne, Charles
Price: $18.95

Four significant works in one volume! Horoscope Interpretation Outlined explores the basics of chart reading, with special sections on major chart configurations and the 8 lunation cycle phases; Intro...

by Sakoian, Frances & Acker, Louis
Price: $16.99

by March, Marion & McEvers, Joan
Price: $14.95

by Wollmann, Edmond H
Price: $20.95

by Stellas, Constance
Price: $10.95

by Owen, Amanda
Price: $11.95

by Woolfolk, Joanna Martine
Price: $16.95

by Christie-Murray, David
Price: $8.99

by Neimann, Henry
Price: $23.95

by March, Marion & McEvers, Joan
Price: $14.95

by Dobyns, Zipporah Pottenger
Price: $15.95

The authors cover the issues of relocation and give numerous case studies and examples. There are complete chapters providing instant interpretation of: aspects to the angles (Ascendant/Descendant axi...

by Woolfolk, Joanna Martine
Price: $19.95

by Scott, Kathleen
Price: $19.95

by March, Marion & McEvers, Joan
Price: $15.95

by Murphy, Peter & Rosato, Beth
Price: $29.95

by Dobyns, Zipporah Pottenger
Price: $14.95

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