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Astrology: Psychology & Counseling (99 items)

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by Guttman, Ariel & Johnson, K
Price: $24.95

In ancient times, priests, poets, and astrologers studied the movements of the planets to understand the cycles of life. Mars, Venus, Neptune - the planets themselves are named after gods and goddesse...

by Sargent, Lois H
Price: $12.95

Astrological and psychological theories applied to solve problems concerning personal relationships, and to solve conflicts arising between family members, friends, business partners.

by Greene, Liz
Price: $19.95

Dr. Greene uses basic astrological concepts symbolically and practically, in a framework of Jungian psychology, to show the ways in which people relate to one another on both conscious and unconscious...

by Greene, Liz
Price: $29.95

Why has the concept of fate become so offensive to the modern Western reader? Why does it imply for us a lack of free will, a loss of control, a sense of powerlessness, humiliation and impotence? Why ...

by Greene, Liz & Sasportas, H
Price: $24.95

The Sun and Moon symbolise two very basic but different psychological processes that operate in every human being. The lunar light lures us toward fusion with the mother and the safety of the uroboric...

by Banzhaf, Hajo & Haebler, Anna
Price: $21.95

There are certain touches to this book that give it a special charm, mainly because the authors are European and as such, offer a slightly different approach to life. For example, our "authority figur...

by Braha, James
Price: $24.95

Predominantly a book on Western transits, this text combines the best predictive methods of Eastern and Western astrology. Based on personal experience and 18 months of intense research, this book des...

by Rudhyar, Dane
Price: $19.95

Lucid and inspiring material on the purpose of Astrology in New Age guidance and the difference between an event-oriented approach and a person-centered view.

by Hall, Judy
Price: $34.95

Designed for beginners and experienced astrologers alike, the Zodiac Pack is not a Tarot deck or a method of divination, but a totally new way of understanding yourself and others. It contains 45 full...

by Sellar, Wanda
Price: $22.00

"A chart drawn up for the moment the astrologer and client meet not only reflects the present but holds past and future within its grasp. This is the Consultation Chart, a substitute or addition to th...

by Malsin, Peter
Price: $16.95

In recent years astrology has seen a resurgence of growth and change that is transforming this ancient subject into an exciting, profound and entirely contemporary discipline. Catalyzed by Carl Gustav...

by Guttman, Ariel & Johnson, K
Price: $24.95

Here is an entirely new dimension of self-discovery based on understanding the mythic archetypes represented in the astrological birth chart. Myth has always been closely linked with astrology; all ou...

by Schostak, S & Weiss, S
Price: $14.95

Many young women approach their 30th birthdays with anxiety. Vanity? Fear of aging? Early midlife crisis? Or insanity? It's actually what astrologers call the Saturn Return, a phenomenon affecting all...

by Eichler, Ruth L
Price: $16.95

This beautifully written book takes the reader on a journey into the Self. It urges the individual to probe into the realm of the Self by blending the concepts of astrological zymology with the techni...

by Burns, Debbie
Price: $12.00

by Rodden, Lois M
Price: $30.00

by Kwok, Man Ho
Price: $21.95

by Hand, Robert
Price: $29.99

by Barz, Ellynor
Price: $16.95

by Geffner, Gayle
Price: $14.95

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