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Astrology: Sidereal, Hindu & Oriental (84 items)

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by Thompson, Richard L
Price: $12.95

In vedic Cosmolgraphy and Astronomy, the author shows that the Fifth Canto's cosmography and the accounts of the solar system found in the jyotisa-sastras are not contradictory, but that they in fa...

by Liao, Sabrina
Price: $6.99

This authentic guide to Chinese astrology unveils the unseen forces shaping your personality. Readers will learn about animal signs of the zodiac based on birth year information, which signs are most ...

by Yin, Cheung Kwong
Price: $29.95

The Emperor's Stargate reveals the ancient Chinese Astrology system of Zi Wei Dou Shu. Practiced throughout China since the Soong Dynasty as the most accurate divination tool known, it is now availabl...

by Lau, Theodora
Price: $13.95

Are you and your partner always quarreling, for no apparent reason? Could it be that one of you is a Dragon and the other a Dog?If you were looking for a creative person to work for you, would it help...

by Danton, Angelica
Price: $15.95

Angelica Danton is a friendly guide on the road to self-discovery, helping women tap into their own goddess power. A professional astrologer for twenty years, she has discovered a fascinating correlat...

by Levitt, Susan & Tang, Jean
Price: $16.95

A lucid and penetrating foray into the mysteries of Taoist natural science. The material is presented with a dynamic animism that breathes such life into the characters that they virtually leap from t...

by Harness, Dennis M
Price: $15.95

This book shows you how to access the wisdom of the Nakshatras in your personal life and for society. Through it modern readers can understand the energies of their stars and learn how to utilize thes...

by Frawley, David
Price: $17.95

Vedic Astrology, also called Jyotish, is the traditional astrology of India and its profound spiritual culture. It possesses a precise predictive value as well as a deep interpretation of the movement...

by Braha, James
Price: $9.95

"A wonderful account of James Braha's evolution as a Hindu astrologer. Of his four books, this one should be read first. A humanistic, gentle, and interesting storybook." --Spiritual Study Cente...

by Braha, James
Price: $29.95

Learn Hindu/Vedic astrology the easy way. Braha demonstrates why Hindu/Vedic astrology has always been an oral tradition. This book is a dialogue-based transcript of a nine-session private tutorial cl...

by Trivedi, Prash
Price: $23.95

Dr. David Frawley, the well known Vedic scholar, writes of Mr. Trivedi: India's most insightful young astrologer offers what is probably the longest, most researched and most original book on the Luna...

by Houck, Richard
Price: $16.95

Short, clear, and easily digestible articles on topics of special interest by well-known authors and lecturers from all over the world. Includes hundreds of previously unknown secret tips and clues ab...

by Sutton, Komilla
Price: $27.00

Vedic and Western astrology are cousins. They share common origins in the third millennium BCE, in the river valleys of Mesopotamia and, we increasingly suspect, those of Northern India-but since then...

by Mathur, Dinesh S
Price: $12.95

Astrology is especially useful when it can be applied to assessing the personality and life of a person, and to looking into the years ahead to tell what is in store for him or her. This comprehens...

by Koparkar, Mohan
Price: $6.95

Division of the zodiac into 27 equal parts, based on daily lunar movement, is used to get a wider spectrum of chart delineation. Key words for each mansion and all planets in the various 27 mansions a...

by Shaneman, Jhampa & Angel, Jan
Price: $19.95

Use Buddhist wisdom and compassion to clarify your astrological readings. This book links familiar astrological concepts with the Buddhist ideas of voidness, interdependence, and impermanence, all exp...

by Bloomfield, Andrew
Price: $29.95

This comprehensive guide to Vedic astrology teaches beginners how to read, interpret and use the Vedic chart to anticipate upcoming events. Vedic astrology was codified by the Maharishis to help peopl...

by Beckman, Howard
Price: $14.95

by White, Suzanne
Price: $22.99

by White, Suzanne
Price: $19.95

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