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Aura (81 items)

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by Andrews, Ted
Price: $9.99

"If you've ever felt immediately ""comfortable,"" or ""uncomfortable,"" around someone you just ""met,"" you probably sensed their aura - the energy field that surrounds the human body. Popular author...

by Fisslinger, Johannes R
Price: $12.00

The existence of a subtle energy field around the human body has been known for thousands of years. Contemporary scientific research has verified its reality. Thanks to aura imaging photography we kno...

by Bowers, Barbara
Price: $15.99

ARE YOU A DAREDEVIL ORANGE? A NURTURlNG BLUE? A VlSlONARY VlOLET...OR A SEXY RED? What Color Is Your Aura? Your aura -- the colored band of energy that surrounds your body -- is a powerful key to your...

by Prophet, Mark L & Prophet, E
Price: $9.95

In Book One, Kuthumi provides a framework for discovering a new dimension of yourself. He gives a threefold exercise to activate the energy, intelligence, and creativity that are native to your being....

by McLaren, Karla
Price: $18.95

Your Aura & Your Chakras: The Owner`s Manual is a clear and comprehensive text for the restoration and maintenance of your subtle energy system. Karla McLaren, who has worked with survivors of abu...

by Bruyere, Rosalyn
Price: $16.99

"Rosalyn L. Bruyere has been one of the most important teachers of handson healing in the world for many years. I will always be grateful for what I have learned from her." -- Barbara Brennan, author ...

by Kilner, Walter J
Price: $10.95

Dr. Kilner conceived the idea that the aura might be made visible to normally-sighted people if viewed through a suitable substance, and he experimented with dicyanin, a remarkable coal-tar dye. This ...

by Leadbeater, Charles W
Price: $15.00

Long before the modern-day interest in clairvoyance, Charles W. Leadbeater used his clairvoyant powers to probe the hidden dimensions of human beings. In this classic, he presents his findings in a...

by Sugrue, Thomas
Price: $9.95

This biography of Edgar Cayce covers not only his fascinating life and medical cures, but also a myriad of other topics, including spiritual growth, philosophy, psychology, and prophecy of world event...

by Lubeck, Walter
Price: $15.95

Increasing your sensitivity to subtle vibration through the use of this step-by-step instruction manual will ultimately lead you into the fascinating world of seeing auras. Aura-reading serves as a di...

by Bain, Gabriel Hudson
Price: $14.95

A fascinating 'how-to' manual to make experiencing human, astral, animal, and plant auras an everyday event. Series of techniques, exercises and illustrations guide the reader to see and hear auric en...

by Lindgren, C E & Baltz, J
Price: $12.95

Did you know, your Aura is your own energy?What does your energy level tell you about your friends, your lover, your boss, or your husband? Wouldn't you like to learn to read the colors of the people ...

by Slate, Joe H
Price: $15.95

Imagine an advanced energy/information system that contains the chronicle of your life?past, present, and future. By referring to it, you could discover exciting new dimensions to your existence. You ...

by Smith, Mark
Price: $13.95

See What You've Been Missing!Hallelujah! I can finally see [auras] for myself. And I suspect many others will be probing this realm, too, with this guidebook in their hands. --Raymond A. Moody, M.D., ...

by Webster, Richard
Price: $13.99

Extraordinarily straightforward and clearly written, this is one of the most practical and complete coverages available today. A potent source of information for anyone interested in the human aura an...

by Lindgren, C E
Price: $19.95

Capturing the Aura is a compilation of knowledge concerning the human aura and developing the ability to see and understand it. Bringing together the thoughts of scientists, inventors, scholars, heale...

by Schwarz, Jack
Price: $21.95

While traditional medicine is based on rational science, energy medicine utilizes an extra dimension of perception and intuition. Naturopath Jack Schwartz has the ability to perceive the human ener...

by Bain, Gabriel Hudson
Price: $6.95

One of America's foremost aura-sight instructors presents a remarkable book for seeing the aura. Explained in simple layman's terms, with easy-to-grasp explanations and instructions. A book full of kn...

by McTaggart, Lynne
Price: $13.95

The Field reveals a radical new biological paradigm - that on our most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a packet of pulsating energy...

by Panchadasi, S
Price: $3.00

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