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In order to find out about an estimated cost of your shipment, please enter first three digits of your zip code: (e.g. "618")

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In order to find out about an estimated cost of your shipment, please enter first three letter/digit combination of your postal code. (e.g. "A9Z")

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We wish to give you a choice of shipping methods. Regardless of the method you select, your actual cost will be based on weight. We have tried to estimate those rates above, but some items weight considerably less than others. If you order several items, the actual cost to you may be less than shown because the rates above are based on each book weighing one pound, an unlikely eventuality.

U.S. mail rates are generally the cheapest. We recommend 4th class book rate (called Media Mail or Standard Mail) for items that have no time deadline for delivery. This postal choice should still help you receive your order within 7-14 days of shipment in most cases. If you wish a faster service, we recommend Priority Mail for orders that fit into a flat rate package because it is a flat $4.05 charge with a promised 2-3 day delivery to anywhere in the country. Priority Mail becomes less advantageous with orders of several pounds or more because of its expense compared with UPS for the same weight.

Air Mail usually takes no more than 7-10 days to reach its country of destination and often less, but how long it takes to arrive after that depends on the efficiency of each country's postal service.

UPS is usually reliable and fairly fast even for ground transportation, but the rate varies by the zone in which you live. The farther away you are from our store, the more expensive it is to ship. Usually, since UPS charges are more economical per item purchased if you order several items, UPS may be cheaper for large orders. You can make these comparisons for yourself. We can use Federal Express or Airborne Express for domestic delivery, but they are much more expensive. You will need to email us if you wish to use one of these services. The choice is yours.

We promise to charge you only what it takes for us to break even on the transaction. If you would like us to choose the least expensive shipping method for you, just email us and we will be glad to choose the one that saves you the most money for your particular order. If the rate required is significantly higher than requested, we will contact you for approval. We hope there will be few discrepancies, but perfection is impossible. It simply costs us more to ship a large hardcover book than it does a small mass-market paperback. We'll do everything we can to keep your costs low.
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